Based in Geneva, Switzerland, Bruce is a Staff Physicist @ CERN working on laser-based particle production for CERN facilities such as the ISOLDE radioisotope factory. He is currently also the Coordinator of the LISA Marie Curie Innovative Training Network.

For Bruce, DropIt was the missing tool to enable a convenient and effective means of getting lab-setup images and data from a phone to shared logbooks during day-to-day work in the lab, without the need to use any personal login credentials. Since then he has found many daily-life use cases: distributing full-resolution photos amongst friends on a night out, printing documents using a pubic workstation and sharing PDFs of climbing guidebooks with strangers he meets at the crag.


Nate is the co-founder and CTO of Dawn Entertainment. Prior to entering the entrepreneurial world, Nate was a condensed matter physicist at the University of Geneva. He currently resides with his wife and the world's greatest dog in Geneva.